In Studies That Compared Acupuncture To Standard Care For Treating Xerostomia Caused By Radiation Therapy, Acupuncture Improved Xerostomia Symptoms Better Than Standard Care.

The data showed that the patients in the acupuncture group gained significantly more body weight than patients in the control group P < .001. While the degree of beneficial results from acupuncture treatment is dependent on various clinical factors such as presenting symptoms, clinical staging, timing of the encounter in the course of the illness, areas of involvement, the answer to the opening question “can acupuncture help me?” pubbed Abstract Les G, Razzini G, mufti MA, et al.: Acupuncture As an Integrative Approach for the Treatment of Hot Flashes in Women With Breast Cancer: A Prospective Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial acclimate. Your oncologist may suggest doing acupuncture either before, or after you are at most risk for infection from the needles. pubbed Abstract mewling WE, Jacobs B, scree M, et al.: Symptom management with massage and acupuncture in postoperative cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial. They should also be experienced in using acupuncture for people with cancer. The moxibustion practitioner holds the glowing end of the lit stick over acupuncture points to warm them. J trait Chin Meg 21 1: 68-71, 2001.  G. 2008. Depending on how they are used, some therapies can be considered either complementary or alternative. Patients were not questioned about acupuncture-treatment expectations. Conventional treatments are those that are widely accepted and practice by the mainstream medical community. In studies that compared acupuncture to standard care for treating xerostomia caused by radiation therapy, acupuncture improved xerostomia symptoms better than standard care. pubbed Abstract McPherson H, Thomas K, Walters S, et al.: The York acupuncture safety study: prospective survey of 34 000 treatments by traditional acupuncturists. Jan J Physiol 46 2: 131-6, 1996.  pubbed Abstract fang DZ: Relief of oesophageal carcinomatous obstruction by acupuncture.

pubbed.bstract Wu B, thou PX, thou MS: Effect of acupuncture on interleukin-2 level and K cell immunoactivity of peripheral blood of malignant tumour patients thongguo Zhong Xi Fi Jim He Ca Shi 14 9: 537-9, 1994.  ACM stems from the belief that what happens to one part of the body affects every other part of the body. Benefits of Acupuncture for People with Cancer Acupuncture is still in its infancy when it comes to studies looking at benefits for cancer patients, but some reliable studies to date suggest that it may help with: Perhaps the most research to date has been done to evaluate the effect of acupuncture on chemotherapy-induced nausea . J Cain Oncol 21 22: 4120-6, 2003.  The results showed that pain intensity decreased or remained stable after auricular acupuncture in all patients, with a significant average pain intensity decrease of 33 mm P < .001. J trait Chin Meg 7 2: 139-40, 1987. 

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